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Laravel, the complete guide with real world projects

Laravel, the complete guide with real world projects Download

What you’ll learn

  • By using Laravel, complete guide with real world projects you’ll Build simple to advanced web applications using laravel
  • Learn how to build ecommerce web applications in php/laravel
  • Learn how to build forums, blogs, and the most popular of today’s web applications
  • Get a deep understanding of laravel




This course uses a project based approach for learning. and it would also be filled with specific articles to read to clearly understand a concept better and multiple explanations of all concepts taught . 

We build a number of projects from simple to extra advanced, as listed below.

Projects List

  1. Task APPLICATION: We learn the total basics of MVC FRAMEWORKS , by building a tasks application, where we can create, read, update, and mark tasks as completed. This is enough to get you started with Laravel
  2. COMPLETE BLOG:   Some features of this CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM are:
    1. Post categories(CRUD)
    2. Post tags(CRUD)
    3. Posts (CRUD)
    4. Trashing posts
    5. Multiple user and multiple role support
    6. Social media post sharing
    7. Blog search
    8. Disqus commenting system
    9. And a lot more !!!
  3. COMPLETE FORUM: Some features of this FORUM SYSTEM are:
    1. Multiple channels
    2. Social authentication
    3. Email authentication
    4. User admin role
    5. Create discussions
    6. Replying to discussions
    7. Marking best reply to discussion
    8. User experience points
    9. And a lot more !!!
    1. Products (CRUD)
    2. Complete shopping cart
    3. Checkout with stripe
    4. Email sending after purchase

Course is constantly updated with every new release of the laravel framework, so no matter when you get this course, you are still good to go.

A lot more in this course . Most of all, course is made with LOVE .

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for beginners who have never used Laravel before.
  • This course is for laravel developers who have never developed real world applications using laravel
  • This course is for advanced laravel developers who want to increase their skills

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Development Laravel Courses

Laravel User Follow System – PROJECT

What you’ll learn
  • Student will be able to create a Follow system
  • Students should know Laravel

Hi dear reader and future student, I created this course for those wanting to learn how to make their current laravel apps more sociable. In this course you will how to implement a follow system that will add more interactivity between users in your current or future app but at the same time show you how to add more features.

We start with version 5.7 of laravel on this course but once you know how to do it, you can implement it to any version you desire, as long as you know how its done and that is why I’m here; to teach you how to do it.

Come join me in this small adventure!

Who this course is for:
  • Students who want to implement a Social Follow System Feature should take this course

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Development IT & Software Laravel Courses

Projects in Laravel: Learn The Laravel Building 10 Projects

Projects in Laravel: Learn The Laravel Building 10 Projects Download

A complete course to master the latest Laravel 5.4 web framework

What you’ll learn

Projects in Laravel: Learn The Laravel Building 10 Projects Course Site

  • Learn core concepts of the Laravel PHP framework
  • How to build real-world Laravel web apps
  • Learn real-world web programming concepts


  • Basic Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and PHP is required to complete this course


Don’t get stuck learning the old way! Get your hands on the latest Laravel technology with our

Project Course!

Technology is constantly becoming better, changing each second of every minute, so you need a course that can help you learn a technology fast. A simple method that will help you become not only proficient in the fundamentals, but also help you learn how to practically apply these fundamentals in the real world. Well, that’s exactly what we are offering with our Laravel Project Course.

Here are the 10 different projects that you will learn in this course:

  1. Basic Website – In this project, you will learn how to install Laravel, set up the controller, views, migrations, compile your assets with Laravel Mix and build a basic website.
  2. Todo List – A simple Todo list will help you understand how to integrate CRUD (create, read, update, delete) functionality in Laravel.
  3. Business Listing – In this application, you will learn how to create authentication, add business listings and delete them.
  4. Photo Gallery – Here you will learn how to create albums and update photos into that album.
  5. REST API – In this, you will learn how to accept requests to certain routes, update the database and using items with a name and a body.
  6. MarxManager Bookmark Manager – A bookmark manager using the PostgreSQL as our database.
  7. Vue.js Contact Manager – In this project, you will learn how to build a front-end using Vue.js as a component to work with our contacts in the backend.
  8. Backpack Website With Admin Area – This project will familiarize you with Backpack, a collection of different packages to create different features in Your Admin Panel.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn professional Laravel development will find this course extremely useful
IT & Software Laravel Courses

Fullstack: Full Laravel with QRCodes, APIs, Android/iOS Drive – 2020

The ultimate course full stack development course bundle – MVC, Laravel, QR codes, Payment integration, APIs, microservices

What you’ll learn

2019 Fullstack: Full Laravel with QRCodes, APIs, Android/iOS Course Drive

  • Learn Laravel 5.6
  • Learn database relationships
  • How to integrate QRCodes into websites
  • How to build apps with QRCodes
  • Learn to integrate payment into websites
  • Learn to build an e-commerce platform
  • How to build robust APIs and Microservices platform
  • Learn to document APIs and microservices
  • Learn how to build websites with multi-user levels and permissions
  • How to build admin backends


  • You should have basic knowledge of PHP
  • Should have good knowledge of HTML
  • You should have basic knowledge of CSS


This course is the ultimate web and mobile development course for 2018. It covers all the topics in each technology stack very well. This one course contains tutorials in :

  1. MVC – Complete MVC course
  2. Laravel – Complete beginner to the professional course on the latest version of Laravel (Laravel 5.6),
  3. QR codes – How to integrate QRCodes scanning and retrieval of information into your platform,
  4. Payment integration – How to integrate payment platforms like PayPal, stripe to enable users to make and receive payments on your platform
  5. APIs and microservices – how to build robust microservice platforms that will make it possible for other developers to connect to your platform using packages like Laravel passport
  6. Mobile app development (Android and iOS) – Complete guide on building mobile apps and making them communicate with APIs and microservices

Everyone that intends to be a well-rounded superstar in development must have to take this course.

Who this course is for:

  • People who wish to become full-stack developers
  • People who wish to learn Laravel from basics to advanced
  • Who wish to learn how to integrate QRCodes into websites
  • People who wish to learn how to integrate payments into websites
  • People who wish to learn how to build API/microservices
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Fullstack Web Development with Laravel and Vue.js

free udemy courses download | Fullstack Web Development with Laravel and Vue.js | codecademy | codeigniter | code camp | clone |

Introduction of the Course

Fullstack Web Development with Laravel and Vue.js is best selling course on Udemy. This Udemy free course is created by Muhamad Saprudin. About 1109 students enrolled in this course with good ratings. You can also get 18 hours on-demand high definition video, 2 helpful articles, 10 downloadable resources including source code, Full lifetime access, Access on mobile or PC and you can also get Certificate of Completion if you purchase this course from Udemy.

General Requirements

The basic requirements of this course are basic concepts of HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP syntax and Vue.js. You must have installed XAMPP server for MYSQL database and your relational database concepts are also good for this course. You also need good programming knowledge for this Udemy free course.

What You learn

In this Udemy free course, you can learn all about fullstack web development. You can also cover all Laravel concepts by building projects like Building Questions Resources, Building Answers Resource, Code Refactoring & Misc and Building Vote Control System. You can also learn how to integrate Vue.js with Laravel live projects. You can also learn how to deploy a Laravel app in Linux environment. After taking this free online course you would be able to use technologies like Laravel 5, Laravel Mix, Bootstrap 4, Sass, Vue.js and Fontawesome. You also mention all projects into your CV.

Features of the course

Fullstack Web Development with Laravel and Vue.js provides you the best solution of learning MVC framework of PHP and JavaScript best framework Vue.js. You can also learn all these technologies using real world projects. The instructor of this course starts from very scratch, so that you can learn each concept of Laravel. You can also get projects source code for reused. After taking this course you can built your own question answer notification forum using Laravel and Vue.js.

Tools and Technology

In this free online course, you can used Sublime Text editor and MYSQL for building projects. This course is for everyone who is interesting in fullstack web development.

The size of the course is 8.42 GB.

If you are facing any problem regarding downloading course then do refer Complete Downloading Guide & Torrent Deadline.

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Master Laravel – A php framework for Beginner to Advanced

Learn & Master php Laravel from its core features to deploying it and making a modern application including API and SPA

What you’ll learn

  • What is Laravel
  • How to start with laravel
  • How to create website with laravel
  • How laravel works internally
  • What are the structure of Laravel
  • Laravel Middleware
  • Laravel Routings


  • Be passionate about learning
  • Never give up



Laravel-php is the most famous, most github rated and widely used PHP Framework.

Industries wants laravel skilled developers who can create things easily, work on API, can able to write tests or have deep understanding of Laravel so that employee can create our package for laravel.

This course is designed to fulfil all these needs and make you ready for high profile Laravel Job.

Why Learn from Sarthak

1. Have experience of over 4 years on Laravel

2. An Instructor from Laravel Community.

3. I have Friendly relation with top laravel core members including “Taylor Otwell – Creator of Laravel“.

4. Speaker at LaravelLive International conference 2018

5. Speaker at many laravel meetups.

6. Creator of many useful & famous open source laravel packages

Do you know?

1. How Facades works in php laravel, How service provider works, How laravel boots up.

2. Why we need Middleware or what is routing.

3. How to test your laravel application, how to test frontend using Laravel Dusk.

4. What is laravel packages, how to use them and most importantly create your own laravel package and publish them.

——– If  you don’t know these things or want to enhance your knowledge, take this course.Who this course is for:

  • Beginner who want to learn best framework called laravel
  • Php developer looking to enhance knowledge
  • Anyone who want to know in depth knowledge about laravel
  • Anyone who want to make reality of your dream of creating modern application
  • Advanced php developer who need to sharpen their skills of laravel

Size: 1.30 GB

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Learn the advanced concepts of the laravel and vuejs frameworks, and also build and deploy a complete real world project

Created by Kati FrantzLast updated 12/2017English

What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn how to build laravel applications using TDD
  • Learn how to build advanced vuejs applications with a laravel backend
  • You will learn how to integrate the stripe api into laravel and / or vuejs applications
  • Learn how to work on a real world full stack backend application with git
  • You will learn how to deploy and manage a laravel application in production

Curriculum For This Course: 135 Lectures 11:54:09



Have you been looking for an advanced laravel course ?

You been searching for a course that will teach you the advanced core features of the LARAVEL framework?

Have you searched for a tutorial to learn the advanced concepts of LARAVEL and VUEJS ? the best PHP framework and the best FRONTEND JAVASCRIPT FRAMEWORK ?

The LAST LARAVEL COURSE you will ever need and this course covers advanced features of the Laravel framework, with a deep dive into the source code of the framework, explanation of the core concepts and design patterns in the framework itself.

Some of the advanced features covered in this course in full detail are:

Key Feature:

  • Implicit and explicit Route model binding
  • Feature and unit testing 
  • Advanced test driven & development techniques
  • Mailing
  • Laravel Queue system
  • Deployment of Laravel projects
  • Advanced database queries 
  • Deep dive into Redis database management and usage
  • Testing Redis database
  • Extending and customizing Laravel
  •  Advanced features of laravel collections
  • Extending laravel blade engine
  • Custom exception handling in laravel applications
  • Custom middleware files and groups
  • Email verification systems

so much more !!!

We would also learn how to build Laravel applications and with a vuejs frontend, and some of the features and concepts we would cover in Vuejs are :

  • Advanced understanding and usage of the .vue instance
  • Declarative and conditional rendering 
  • Vue parent and child components communication
  • Event buses and event handlers
  • Exception handling and asynchronous vuejs
  • Sweet alert integration
  • Class and style bindings
  • Data driven DOM manipulation and updates
  • JavaScript core data manipulation techniques
  • Communication and state management with Laravel backend

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to become an advanced laravel expert developer
  • Who wants to learn test driven development with laravel
  • Anyone who wants to build a professional advanced saas application in laravel
  • Who wants to learn how to deploy and manage laravel applications in production
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build advanced vuejs applications with a laravel backend
  • With the desire to become an advanced laravel developer
  • Beginner and intermediate laravel developers who want to become professionals at building laravel applications
  • Beginner and intermediate vuejs developers who want to become professionals at building vuejs applications

Size: 2.01 GB