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Learn Beauty Retouch Techniques In Photoshop – Become A PRO!

What you’ll learn
  • To do amazing Beauty Retouch
  • Use the best Techniques for Beauty Retouch
  • Retouch Every Detail on The Image
  • You need Adobe Photoshop
  • You need a bit of Passion!


During this over 4 hours of Photoshop work, I am going to show You the best techniques that I use doing high end retouch. What If You have just started Your adventure with Photoshop?

Don’t worry, this course is very well explained step by step, so even beginners can easily follow my work! Have You always wondered how retouchers get this fantastic look you can see on beauty magazine covers? If the answers is yes, this course is for You!

What makes this course inique is the fact, that You can find here the most wanted Retouching Techniques. What does it mean?

Probably You have seen many beauty images with this perfect soft skin and natural texture. In this course I am going to show You all the best techniques to get the perfect look of the skin texture!

What This Course Include?

All the techniques that are needed to retouch the Details: Lips, Eyes, Hair, Settining up The Image Contours, and even Getting the Perfect Shape!

I made this course as Simple as Possible to make sure You will get everything You need!


Who this course is for:
  • People with an interest for Photoshop
  • People with an interest for Beauty Retouching
  • People who want to bring up their reatouching skills to the new level
  • People who looking for the right photoshop techniques
  • People who want to Retouch like a PRO
  • People who cannot get off the ”fake” looking skin

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Use Canva for all your graphic projects Download

What you’ll learn
  • Understand the dashboard
  • Master the different tools
  • Use the colors
  • Object alignement and distribution
  • Save and export your work
  • You can be beginner to start on Canva
  • You must register on the Canva website

Simplified and ergonomic design graphics with the Canva online tool.

You need to create graphic designs for your channel or business but you do not know how to do it? Are you tired of paying designer fortunes to do your designs? You do not have time to learn software like Photoshop or Illustrator? Want to create montages easily?

So Canva is for you. Canva is a free and easy-to-use software that contains everything you need to start designing your very first graphics. With Canva you will find hundreds and hundreds of predefined templates that will help you create ergonomic designs. You can create your logo, your book cover, your YouTube channel banner, create photo montages, business cards, advertising posters, and even menu cards or your resume. And much more! You can then export your work under different file types.

Once you have taken control of this software online, you can easily juggle your creations. You can also post your creations directly on your social networks without having to go through your hard drive! You will quickly love this program, and after that you will not be able to do without it.

The course

In this course I will show you how to master Canva perfectly. For that I will introduce you all the functionalities and the process of operation to create a design. Then in the practical part I will explain how to use each tool one by one to create your graphic documents from scratch, but also using predefined templates. You’ll see everything in detail, from adding text to managing pages, adding shapes to aligning and distributing these shapes in the document, importing images, frames etc. In the last part we will see concrete examples of graphic creation on various themes.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone wanting to create designs for their channels, social networks etc …
  • The future graphic designer
  • Writers who want to create their book cover
  • Online workers wanting to make brands for their business
  • Entrepreneur

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Typography Logo Design 4 Photography Business Design Theory

What you’ll learn
  • Learn to create photography logo design typography/signature style
  • Your laptop or mobile phone will do.

Typography Signature Logo Design For Photography Business (Comprehensive Course) Design Theory.

Are you here to learn every single aspect of Typography Signature Logo Design from scratch? If YES, Then this is the course you won’t regret enrolling in.

I’m David Oisamoje and I would be your course instructor for this amazing class. I would strongly advise that you watch every single video in the course so you have a better understanding of every single point.

Feel free to leave me a message or question and I will surely get back to you with either a writing note or a video which will be added to the course curriculum for all to benefit from.

Enrol Now And Start Learning Typography Signature Logo Design For Photography Business or any business at all.

Who this course is for:
  • For photographers into photography and also for anyone interested in logo design

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Academics Graphic Design

The Complete Drawing Masterclass: From Beginner To Advanced

Apply the art and practice of the fundamental skill of drawing, to bring your drawings to life in our drawing course.

  • Draw everyday objects, people, animals, and scenes, using effective techniques.
  • Draw realistic and conceptual content, with appropriate light or value, shadow, texture, and form.
  • Learn gesture drawing, line and contour drawing, structural drawing, perspective drawing, portrait drawing, and more.
  • Apply specific drawing techniques such as cross contour, wipeout/reductive, block-in, and much more.
  • Learn and apply industry-standard drawing techniques.
  • Draw from imagination.


  • You can follow along with just a pencil, paper, and eraser, but drawing tools such as vine and compressed charcoal, conté, kneaded eraser, chamois, blending stump, and ruler can be helpful. (Materials are explained near the beginning of course)
  • A willing attitude to learn and practice drawing!


Welcome to the complete drawing masterclass! In this online drawing course, you will go from beginner to advanced, by learning in various drawing projects.

You will learn new drawing techniques, and build upon your drawing skills, to produce beautiful, amazing drawings.

This course is your opportunity to advance in your career, whether you work in animation, logo design, graphic design, architecture, fashion design, video game character design, or ANY field that uses visual storytelling, such as marketing, public speaking, and more.

Or, you simply want to draw for fun!

By the time you complete this drawing course, you will have produced a portfolio of amazing drawings, including professional landscape drawings, accurate portrait drawings, artistic still life drawings, and much, much more.

Once you enroll in this course, you get:

  • Lifetime access to all of the content, including over 19 hours of on-demand, helpful video demonstrations and instruction.
  • Various PDF handouts and support files.
  • Access to our exclusive Drawing Club forum, for helpful feedback and critique from peers and me, the instructor of this course, Jonathan Simon.

The sections in this drawing course build upon each other, to help you master the art of drawing:

Gesture Drawing – You will quickly and easily learn the useful technique of gesture drawing, where we aim to capture the essence of subjects. Projects include drawing various objects, animals, and landscapes.

Drawing Materials – Next, after you get started drawing, we go into more detail to explain various mark making, erasing, and blending techniques, as well as various drawing tools. However, if you only have a pencil and paper, that is fine for the projects in this course.

Line and Contour Drawing – Learn various line drawing techniques, including contour, cross contour, and line drawing, as well as various exercises to practice hand-eye coordination and the portrayal of form and outline.

Structural Drawing – Learn how to produce various shapes (e.g., cylinder, cone, cube) that can be used to build more complicated structures. Draw organic objects using structural drawing, in order to draw a still life.

Tone or Value in Drawing – Learn how to add accurate lighting and shadows in drawings, including various techniques, including hatching, cross-hatching, and reductive or wipe out techniques, to add form and depth in drawings.

Drawing in Perspective – Learn various ways to show depth in drawings, such as chiaroscuro method, atmospheric perspective technique, and many more. Learn how to draw in one-point, two-point, and three-point perspective, for realistic perspective, so you can draw city scenes or other scenes from your imagination.

Block-In Drawing Method – This is the drawing method that I learned after my BFA and MFA, from another artist. It’s the most requested drawing method I get from students. In this course, you will learn how to produce a detailed, rendered drawing of a still life, by using this technique.

Art and Science of Drawing Portraits – You will learn about the anatomy and structure of the eye and mouth before learning how to accurately draw them, either from imagination or from a subject. You will also learn how to draw a realistic nose, hair, and ears, before producing the final project in this course, a portrait. As you draw the portrait, you will apply various methods you have learned throughout the course, including gesture, line, block-in, structural drawing, and applying tone or value.

Enroll now and get started producing amazing, beautiful drawings! We’ll see you in the course. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like the course, you can get a refund. But we know you’ll love this course, as you produce awesome drawings in this complete drawing course.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to learn to draw and get better at drawing!
  • Artists wanting to improve their drawing skills.
  • Graphic designers, logo designers, and other design professionals wanting to improve their sketching and drawing abilities.
  • People who want to draw for fun or people who want to add it to their work skills portfolio.
  • People who want to convey ideas quickly and easily, using visual communication.

Created by Chad Neuman, Ph.D., Jonathan Simon, BFA, MFA
Last updated 11/2019
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Size: 24.71 GB

Adobe Courses Graphic Design Udemy Courses

Canva 2020 – Step by Step Working Graphic Designing Tool (Udemy Course Free Coupon)



Part2_Importing and Embedding Video


FinalPart_EbookCreation and LOGO

Canva offers a variety of content types. From pre-sized social media image and header templates to marketing materials, documents, presentations, invitations, etc.

•When it comes to price, you can’t go wrong with Canva because it’s free! You can use every Canva template for free.

•The only time you’ll need to pay is when you use one or more of the premium images that they sell for the low price of $1 per image. Don’t want to pay? No problem! They offer tons of free images to use as well.

This course is for All Levels. Step by Step Explained in a simple manner.

For simplicity, the course is divided into 4 parts. Kindly go through all the parts. Thank you

Academics Graphic Design

Concept Art Character Design – Learn To Art Design

Advanced Techniques and Portfolios that Succeed

What you’ll learn

Concept Art Character Design – Learn To Art Design

  • Professional level techniques to conceptualize and render character concept art
  • How to stand out in a crowded industry
  • How to succeed and provide value to your clients to keep them coming back


  • Basic human figure drawing
  • Art fundamentals
  • Photoshop fundamentals


Welcome to Concept Art Character Design! My name is Hardy Fowler and I’ve got an amazing and valuable course to share. Character Concept Art is a really exciting and high demand field. Countless entertainment industry clients are willing to pay very well for skilled artists who can conceptualize and paint beautiful and memorable character art, BUT, it’s a highly competitive corner of the market and you need to stand out from the crowd in order to succeed.

Help is here! the main, big-picture idea of this course is to show you how to elevate good character art into amazing character art.

I’ve been doing this for over a decade now and my career has taught me some sure-fire ways to push any character concept painting to the next level and that’s what I want students to take away. We’re going to make your portfolio stand out from the pack – let’s turn good into great!

This course is designed for character artists who already feel like they know the basics but want to rise up to much higher levels. We’ll do six full character projects covering a wide variety of genres and challenges and I’ll show some incredibly cool and easy to master rendering techniques. But this course is so much more than just a painting demonstration. We’ll dive into all of the concepts and theories that guide great character design and you’ll learn all of the skills, habits, and mindsets that really elevate those pro-level portfolios that get picked by clients.

• I love chatting with students and seeing their work

• I offer responsive support and feedback

• this course is packed with career-changing resources and bonus materialsSo, if you are looking to reach that next level and create the kind of portfolio that can launch a concept art career, don’t miss this course. Enroll today, grab your stylus and let’s PAINT COOL STUFF!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who likes to paint cool stuff!
  • Students with some experience in character concept art who want to take their skills to a professional level
  • Students who want to make a living as a character artist
  • Content From:

Size : 4.3 GB

Adobe Courses Graphic Design

Photoshop Master Course 2020: From Beginner to Photoshop Pro

This Adobe Photoshop Beginner Course will teach a Beginner Photoshop user all essentials of Adobe Photoshop CC

What you’ll learn

Photoshop Master Course: From Beginner to Photoshop Pro Course Site

  • What Photoshop is & how to get into it!
  • This course is perfect for beginners “Never used photoshop before”
  • Customize the layout of the program & feel comfortable
  • Understand all photoshop basics & tools
  • Learn how to make layers & it’s panels
  • Understand masks & how to use them
  • Understand adjustment layers on how to use them
  • Working with the pen tool, liquify & puppet warp tool
  • Understand setting color profiles, save PSD files & web files
  • Working with the brush tool, the clone stamp tool & healing brush
  • Understand cutting objects out, fixing skin & manipulation
  • … and much, much more!


  • You only need a photoshop “Any Version” Best to Have CS6, CC2018, CC2019
  • No experience is required. We start with the Basics!
  • The course shows you exactly how to work with photoshop & become an expert!
  • Exercise Files and Study Guides are provided! Download the videos for traveling!


  • Great for Photoshop beginners Making Photoshop Fun & Easy”
  • Full lifetime access to the complete course & updates.
  • Bonus lectures towards the end of the course.
  • All Photoshop Work files (PSD Files) are available under the resource section.

My approach is:

One thing I have learned through all the years of working with Adobe Photoshop is that knowing and understanding the essentials of adobe photoshop is just as fundamental as the heavier and trickier Photoshop techniques when it comes to honing your craft.

This Photoshop Beginner course is multifaceted. You do not need any previous knowledge of Photoshop, Design or Photography. We start by going through the essentialsof Photoshop.

A step-by-step guide on photoshop workspace, every single tool and its function(s). After we’ve established the essentials, we can now build on our foundation. In the next part of the photoshop course, we head into a basic Photoshop Portrait Retouching Course. From here the following lectures will deal with the more advanced photoshop techniques to improve your Photoshop skills and the pace at which you work. Photoshop Master Course: From Beginner to Photoshop Pro Course Site

I’ve added a bonus lecture towards the end of the course. That focuses on what & how when it comes to using a Wacom tablet in photoshop. I’ve also added a bonus lecture that focuses on the next steps. Where to find more free photoshop lectures and how to progress with your photoshop workflow.

You’ll learn

  • What Photoshop is & how to get into it.
  • Customize the photoshop workspaces and feel comfortable.
  • Understand all photoshop basics and tools.
  • Learn how to layers and photoshop work panels.
  • Understand masks and how to use them.
  • Understand adjustment layers on how to use them.
  • Working with the pen tool, liquify & puppet warp tool.
  • Understand setting, color profiles and how to save Photoshop files & web files.
  • Working with the brush tool, the clone stamp tool & healing brush.
  • Understand cutting objects out, fixing skin & manipulation.… and much, much more!

What sets this course apart: 

  • I will teach you how to get into photoshop, so don’t worry if you don’t have prior experience with photoshop. We start slow and then build our way up.
  • Receive all work material (Raw’s & Photoshop files) from the start and work along.
  • Many techniques, exercises, and work challenges.
  • The idea is to make photoshop fun and easy! “Great to work along”
  • Instructor support within 24 Hours. “I do my best to answer every question”

One final note: My goal is to teach you photoshop, so don’t stress about not having worked in photoshop before. “I do my best to make it simple & fun” 

Thank you!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is perfect for beginners “Never used photoshop before”
  • This course is great for understanding photoshop basics & tools
  • The course is great for understanding layers & it’s panels
  • This course is great for understanding masks and how to use them
  • Working with the pen tool, liquify & puppet warp tool
  • Great for understand setting color profiles, save PSD files & web files
  • Working with the brush tool, the clone stamp tool & healing brush
  • Understand cutting objects out, fixing skin & manipulation
  • Content From:

Size: 3.4GB

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Adobe illustrator in an easy way: create awesome designs Course

The Adobe Illustrator course allow you to learn the most important tools to create your own designs

What you’ll learn

Adobe illustrator in an easy way : create awesome designs Course

  • The basics of the Adobe illustrator software
  • Create designs using the Adobe illustrator software
  • Create 3D designs
  • Add multiple effects to the designs
  • Working with text
  • Transform images to Victors
  • Work with the Pen Tool
  • Use colors
  • Design simple Logos


  • Adobe Illustrator cc


This Adobe Illustrator course is for people that want to learn the software in a fast and simple way without resorting to long and boring lessons and in this course I explain all the important tools and techniques that anyone needs to know to master this software in easy simple short and fun lessons.

In this course I try to provide all the means that let the students receive the information in an easy and smooth way and we create fun designs so that the student can learn and apply in the same time.

In the end I like to say that the goal of this course is to share the basic and most important information’s and techniques in the software so that anyone can be able to create their own designs without learning everything about the software so that it does not take too much of the students time and make them lose the passion to learn.

The course is both precise and easy.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wish to learn to work with the adobe illustrator software
  • Graphic designers
  • Motion Graphic designers
Graphic Design

Logo Design: From Beginner To Professional Course

Learn to design professional logos without any experience in an easy and simple way.

What you’ll learn

Logo Design: From Beginner To Professional Course

  • Learn to create Logos
  • Learn to create brand logos


  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Basic knowledge in the Adobe illustrator CC software


The logo design course is a course that will teach you how to design logos from scratch until you become professional in an easy and simple way. In this course we will work on a bunch of diverse designs so that you can design multiple and different logos and even create your own original designs. And this course is your way to learn logo design to work as an online graphic designer or for design companies.

So if you want to learn logo design and work in the design field all you have to do is to subscribe to this course and start your journey.

Learning is the best investment.

Who this course is for:

  • people that want to learn to create logos
  • people that want to learn to create brand logos
Adobe Courses Graphic Design

After Effects : Motion Graphics Masterclass For Beginners!

Create motion graphics videos from A-Z using After Effects with project based learning approach – Project Files Included

What you’ll learn

After Effects : Motion Graphics Masterclass For Beginners!

  • BE FAMILIAR with Adobe After Effects layout, essential key terms and basic features
  • ACQUIRE different and powerful skills to master Motion Graphics Animation in Adobe After Effects
  • SET UP your First Motion Graphics Project: Battery Round Progress Meter With A Charger using Adobe After Effects
  • CREATE a VIDEO BUMPER for your Brand ( From Start To End ) using Adobe After Effects
  • DESIGN an OUTRO for your Brand using Adobe After Effects
  • MAKE a PROMO VIDEO for your website ( From Start To End ) using Adobe After Effects
  • BUILD animated SUBSCRIBE BUTTON for your Youtube Videos using Adobe After Effects
  • CREATE an INTRO for your Youtube Channel (From Start To End) using Adobe After Effects
  • CREATE a LOGO INTRO for your Brand using Adobe After Effects
  • LEARN some important Adobe After Effects shortcuts
  • CREATE simple LOWER THIRDS ( VIDEO TITLES ) using Adobe After Effects
  • LEARN basic steps to export your videos in Adobe After Effects
  • GET the After Effects project files and the necessary assets to work along with


  • Any trial / running version of Adobe After Effects not older than CS3
  • You DO NOT need to know how to use After Effects. We’ll walk through each project step-by-step so even complete beginners can learn


If you are an absolute beginner who enjoys learning by doing and wants to start learning Adobe After Effects with a project-based approach then join this course to have fun while creating your own motion graphics projects!In this course you will learn how to use the extremely powerful Adobe  After Effects to create some awesome motion graphics video projects from A-Z like the  ones in the promo video.________________________________________

Maggie’s Online Learning School – Teaching 11 Courses on Udemy

OVER 29,000 successful students have already taken my online courses since October 2016 with many 5 Star Reviews

See what happy students are saying about this course:

“Great course by Dear Maggie. she explained very well in this course. its ideal course for the beginners. Instructor assume nothing and explain every step she took in the course in detail. thanks.”
– M. Q Khan, Maggie’s After Effects student

“it is very nice.she is nice teacher. she know to give the nice teach to people who learn after effect.I use after effect before one year.but many things I do not know. her video is many things to easy to understand her thing cursor in the her video is big than usual. so we do not miss her cursor .she  care her students.I think teacher like her is need to world.”
– Kou suzuki, Maggie’s After Effects student

“Detailed and well paced .Learning a lot by creating projects”
– Ardie Crenshaw, Maggie’s After Effects student


After Effects : Motion Graphics Masterclass For Beginners!

  1. (5.5) hours of premium After Effects video lesson
  2. Downloadable resources
  3. Premium support from instructor to answer any questions
  4. Feedback on your own video projects

I am confident you will learn a lot from this course and if you are not satisfied you get a 30 day money back guarantee. I always work on updating my courses and add new lectures. Also, I care to answer all your questions as soon as possible and make sure you understand every bit of this course because I care about my students, I really want them to be successful.

This course have at least 10 minutes of free previews available  to you, so you can quickly determine if it’s the right one for you! Finally,  you will receive a verifiable certificate of  completion upon finishing the course.

Come on in and we are going to have some fun together,

Download After Effects : Motion Graphics Masterclass For Beginners!



About Maggie’s Online Learning School:

  • Over 29,000 very happy students already in my Udemy classes
  • See the 5 Star Reviews from VERY satisfied students
  • You get free lifetime access
  • All videos are at your finger tips to watch anytime & anywhere
  • All future extra lectures and upgrades are always free
  • Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee and that’s my personal promise to your success!
  • Join this happy family of students

Enroll into the course and I will see you inside,


Who this course is for:

  • Absolute Adobe After Effects Beginners who enjoy learning by doing ( Project-based Approach Course )