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Build A Plug & Play Hacking Box In 3 Hours + Free EBook

What you’ll learn
  • Build your own hacking box “Plug-and-Pwn”
  • [Optional] Control the box from AWS Cloud
  • Get a reverse access to the box using VPN, SSH, SSL
  • How to flash OpenWRT (A Free, Opensource Linux distribution for embedded devices)
  • Install and use Python and Scapy
  • Understand DoS amplification attack (SNMP+DNS) + SYN Flooding
  • Tunnel exploits and attacks using SSH tunneling / SOCKS
  • Any USB router supported by OpenWRT (see “Is My Home Router Compatible with OpenWRT?” )
  • USB Stick
  • Basic knowledge on hacking tools like Nmap, Metasploit, SQLmap, Scapy ..etc
  • Basic programming skills (Python)
  • [Optional] AWS account (we will create one if you don’t have one)
  • Vbox to host Kali Linux and Metasploitable 2

The main idea of this course is to turn an innocent router into a hacking box (AKA hardware backdoor or Pentest box) . We will not be focusing on the hacking tools themselves but rather than how to use them in such scenario where we do have our box in between with our target. Also we will not develop new exploits. But we will test exploits through our box.

Please make sure to check with local, state, and federal laws prior to doing any physical assessments. Also, ensure you have proper approval, work with the facility’s physical security teams, and have a signoff paper in case you get caught. IF you want to use AWS. Check the AWS  Abuse and Pentest Policy. The last thing you want is to actually go to jail.


Instead of buying WiFi Pineapple, Minipwner, Pwn .. etc. why not building your own custom one?

In this course, we will build your custom Ethical Hacking Box. Control it from AWS. Install Python & Scapy. Tunnel tools and attacks!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to create their own product (Pentest Box)
  • Ethical hackers and penetration testers
  • System and network security administrators

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