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Flutter & Dart – The Complete Flutter App Development Course

Flutter & Dart – The Complete Flutter App Development Course Download

Build Flutter iOS and Android Apps with a Single Codebase – Learn Google’s Flutter & Dart Mobile Development Framework

What you’ll learn

  • Be ABLE to Build Any iOS and Android App You Want
  • MASTER Dart and Flutter Framework
  • BUILD Full-fledged Apps for Your Startup or Business
  • CREATE a Portfolio of Apps to Apply for Development Job
  • WORK as A Cross-Platform Mobile Developer Who can Develop iOS and Android Apps
  • GAIN a Competitive Advantage in the Workplace as a Flutter Mobile Developer


  • A Computer – Mac or PC
  • No Previous Programming Experience Required – I’ll go over Everything You’ll Need to Get Started
  • Anyone Who Has the “I Can Do It” Mentality
  • Some Basic Ideas of Android and iOS Devices
  • Willingness to Learn By Doing – You’ll have a Step-by-Step Learning Process with Challenges and Exercises for Better Retention


==============> Full Course UPDATE 2020 <===============

Flutter is here to stay!

Welcome to The Complete Flutter App Development Course ( The World’s First Complete Dart and Flutter Course). Now with a Full Course Update [2020].

Flutter is the new Cross-platform Mobile Development Framework created by Google, which allows developers to build Android and iOS Apps with one single codebase!

Flutter is the BEST way to create cross-platform apps that otherwise would require two distinct mobile development teams to create.

Why is Flutter a BIG Deal?

Flutter is a big deal because any developer ( or anyone who wants to learn mobile development ) can now build native Android and iOS apps with one codebase ONLY! This means, instead of having to learn Objective-C or Swift to build iOS apps, and Java, or Kotlin to build Android apps, you can now use Flutter Mobile Development Framework to build apps that run natively on both iOS and Android devices using the General-purpose Dart Programming Language.

This course is fully hands-on, in which you’ll get the chance to practice and learn:

  • Dart Programming Language – Fundamentals and intermediate topics
  • understand Flutter Mobile Development by building apps, incrementally
  • Design, build, debug Flutter Android and iOS Apps
  • How to get Flutter apps to communicate with a realtime database – Firestore
  • Build robust apps with Flutter.

You’ll see how easy it’s to get started building Android and iOS apps using Google’s Flutter App Development Framework!



Course Outline:

  • Sections Outline:
    • 1 – Course Introduction: The learning Path of the course
    • 2 -Why Flutter: Understanding why Flutter is a revolutionary Mobile Development cross-platform Framework.
    • 3 – Download Course’s Source code – Get source code for the course projects.
    • – Installing Development Tools and Machine Setup [ Mac Users]: Set up your MAC to start developing Flutter Apps.
    • 5 – Installing Development Tools and Machine Setup [ Windows Users] – Set up your MAC to start developing Flutter Apps.
    • 6 – Introduction to the Dart Programming Language: Getting started learning Dart Programming Language – the basics.
    • 7 – Dart Programming Language – Control Flow and Functions: Dart fundamentals
    • 8 – Dart Programming Language: Object-Oriented Programming – Understanding how to construct classes and Objects in Dart.
    • 9 – Dart Programming Language: Object-Oriented Programming – Intermediate: Learn Dart OOP Intermediate concepts such as Interfaces and Abstract classes.
    • 10 – Dart Programming Language: Object-Oriented Programming – Advanced: Advanced OOP Dart concepts
    • 11 – Dart Programming Language: Data Structures and Collections: Get started learning about data structures and maps and lists in Dart.
    • 12 – Building Flutter Apps – Flutter Fundamentals – The time to start building Flutter apps have arrived! Getting started with Flutter basics and understanding Material Design and Flutter Widgets.
    • 13 – Flutter – Build a Biz Card App – Build our first Flutter app – biz card.
    • 14 – Flutter Stateful Widgets- Learn all about Stateful and Stateless widgets in Flutter.
    • 15 – Flutter App – Build a Flutter Tip Calculator App.
    • 16 – Flutter App – Build a Quiz App – Learn more about Flutter Widgets.
    • 17 – Flutter Intermediate Concepts – Navigation and Build a Full Movie App: Learn how to navigate to different routes/screens and passing data between them. At the end of the section, you’ll have built a full-fledged Movie App.
    • Section 18 – Understanding Themes in Flutter – How to theme your flutter apps. Learn more about colors in Material Design.
    • 19 – [CHALLENGE] – Material design Challenge – Use what you’ve learned to design a better app.
    • 21 – Connecting to the World – Networking and Parsin JSON in Flutter – Learn how to parse JSON APIs and connect your apps to remote servers.
    • 22 – Build a Weather Forecast App – Build a complex weather forecast app powered by a weather API.
    • 23 – Flutter Google Maps: Build an EarthQuake App – Learn how to add Google Maps to your apps. You’ll also build a complete app that shows real-time earthquakes on a map!
    • 24 – Firestore – Real-time Storage – Take your app to the next level by utilizing a real-time database such as Firestore and make your app dynamic and robust.
    • 25 – [Optional] – Creating Adaptive Flutter Apps – Learn how to create apps that run on smaller and larger devices.
    • 26 – [Optional] – Deconstructing Flutter Topics – If you are a curious type, then this section is for you! You’ll learn about advanced flutter topics!
    • What’s Next – Build at least 5 Apps!
    • 28-45 – Legacy Sections – These are sections with legacy lectures from the previous version of this course. You don’t have to go through them, but they are there for you if you need them.
    • 46 – Bonus!


This Course Also Comes With:

You have Lifetime Access to All Future Updates

A responsive instructor in the Q&A Section

Has Links to interesting articles, and lots of good code to base your next template onto

Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

A 30 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee!

This is the course that could change your Mobile Development skills.

Take the course now, completely risk-free!

============================Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Developers and Intermediate- Advanced Web or Mobile Developers new to Dart and Google Flutter Mobile SDK
  • Android Developers Who Want to Build iOS Apps with Single Codebase
  • iOS Developers Who Want to Build Android Apps with Single Codebase
  • Web Developers Who Want to Build Android and iOS Apps with Single Codebase
  • Entrepreneurs Who Want to Build Android and iOS Apps with Single Codebase
  • Managers and Program Managers Who Want to Learn How to Build Android and iOS Apps with Single Codebase

Created by Paulo Dichone | Android, Java, Flutter Developer and Teacher
Last updated 4/2020
English [Auto-generated]

Size: 24.42 GB

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Hacking Tools & Courses Udemy Courses

Facebook Ad Hacks: Master Advertising on a Budget

Facebook Ad Hacks: Master Advertising on a Budget Download

What you’ll learn
  • How to use Facebook Advertising, Tricks, Tips, and Strategies to Generate Massive Results on low dollar amounts
  • Have a Facebook Account

Want to set up your first Facebook advertising campaign that generates you massive exposure for very little investment. Are you confused by the interface and need someone to walk you through step by step?

  • I’ll share with you my secret strategy to building a Facebook page to 100,000 likes
  • How to generate massive exposure to your content and “beat” the Facebook algorithm
  • How to generate the best results on your Facebook ad campaign
  • My $1/day hack that generates thousands of views
  • much more.

Sign up today and learn how to master Facebook advertising and explode your brand.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners to Facebook Advertising
  • Ideally, Service-based professionals and brands.

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Web Development

The Complete 2020 Web Development Bootcamp (Updated)

The Complete 2020 Web Development Bootcamp (Updated) Download

What you’ll learn

  • With web development course you will be able to build ANY website you want.
  • Craft a portfolio of websites to apply for junior developer jobs.
  • Build fully-fledged websites and web apps for your startup or business.
  • Work as a freelance web developer.
  • Master backend development with Node
  • Master front-end development with React
  • Learn the latest frameworks and technologies, including Javascript ES6, Bootstrap 4, MongoDB.
  • Learn professional developer best practices.


  • No programming experience needed – I’ll teach you everything you need to know
  • A Mac or PC computer with access to the internet
  • No paid software required – all websites will be created with Atom (which is free)
  • I’ll walk you through, step-by-step how to get all the software installed and set up


Welcome to the Complete Web Development Bootcamp, the only course you need to learn to code and become a full-stack web developer.

With over 12,000 ratings and a 4.8 average, my Web Development course is one of the HIGHEST RATED courses in the history of Udemy! 

At 50+ hours, this Web Development course is without a doubt the most comprehensive web development course available online. Even if you have zero programming experience, this course will take you from beginner to mastery. Here’s why:

We’ll take you step-by-step through engaging video tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a web developer.

The course includes over 50 hours of HD video tutorials and builds your programming knowledge while making real-world websites and web apps.

Throughout this comprehensive course, we cover a massive amount of tools and technologies, including:


  • Front-End Web Development
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Javascript ES6
  • DOM Manipulation
  • jQuery
  • Bash Command Line
  • Git, GitHub and Version Control
  • Backend Web Development
  • Node.js
  • NPM
  • Express.js
  • EJS
  • REST
  • APIs
  • Databases
  • SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • Authentication
  • Firebase
  • React.js
  • React Hooks
  • Web Design
  • Deployment with GitHub Pages, Heroku and MongoDB Atlas

By the end of this course, you will be fluently programming and be ready to make any website you can dream of.

You’ll also build a portfolio of over 25+ websites that you can show off to any potential employer.

Sign up today, and look forward to:

  • Video Lectures
  • Code Challenges and Exercises
  • Fully Fledged Projects
  • Quizzes
  • Programming Resources and Cheatsheets
  • Downloads
  • Our best selling 12 Rules to Learn to Code eBook
  • $12,000+ web development bootcamp course materials and curriculum

Who this course is for:

  • If you want to learn to code through building fun and useful projects, then take this course.
  • If you want to start your own startup by building your own websites and web apps.
  • If you are a seasoned programmer, then take this course to to get up to speed quickly with the latest frameworks and NodeJS
  • If you want to take ONE COURSE and learn everything you need to know about web development, take this course

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Hacking Tools & Courses Udemy Courses

The Complete Social Media Growth Hacking Course

What you’ll learn
  • My Exact Strategies To Growth Hack Instagram To 30,000 Followers (FOR FREE)
  • How To Grow Your Twitter Followers To 10,000 In Just A Few Weeks
  • How To Gain Thousands Of Friends And Likes On Facebook In ONE Week
  • How I Grew My LinkedIn Account To Over 10,000 Connections In ONE Month
  • How To AUTOMATE All Of This For FREE So You’re Not Tied To Your Computer
  • How To Do All Of This WITHOUT Any Paid Tools
  • Have An Instagram, Facebook, Twitter And LinkedIn Account To Follow The Strategies
  • Have A Good Internet Connection

“Discover The Secret Social Media Growth Hacking Strategies You Can Use FOR FREE To Gain Thousands Of Followers And Finally Start Making Money On Social Media”

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn when you purchase this course:

  • My Exact Strategies To Growth Hack Instagram To 30,000 Followers (FOR FREE)
  • How To Grow Your Twitter Followers To 10,000
  • How To Gain Thousands Of Friends And Likes On Facebook
  • How I Grew My LinkedIn Account To Over 10,000 Connections
  • How To AUTOMATE All Of This For FREE So You’re Not Tied To Your Computer
  • How To Do All Of This WITHOUT Any Paid Tools

And you get ALL of this for less than the price of a breakfast in Starbucks?

Yup, that’s right.

Purchase the course now to learn all of these strategies!

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Social Media Marketers That Want To Start Making Money Online

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Android Courses Udemy Courses

Web Development with Kotlin

What you’ll learn
  • Basics of Kotlin programming language
  • Ktor web framework
  • Working with databases using Exposed DSL
  • Dependency management with Gradle
  • Testing with Kotlin
  • Working with GraphQL
  • Running Kotlin inside Docker container and Docker Compose
  • Deploying Kotlin service to Heroku
  • Some kind of web technology, be it JavaScript, PHP, Ruby or Python
  • Familiarity with Git
  • Basic SQL and Docker knowledge is also useful

In this course, we’ll be building a microservice in Kotlin, and by the end of this course, it will be deployed to the cloud.
The microservices will represent a cat hostel.

You’ll be able to add cats to its database, remove cats from it and list them.

Why cats hostel? Because as long as you know how to implement basic operations, you can build it for any kind of entities you need: supermarket orders, auction items, taxis, you name it. So, why not cats?

Why Kotlin?

  • Modern, productive and highly pragmatic language
    • Type safe
    • Null-safe
    • Generics that actually make sense
    • Intuitive
    • Extensible
  • Highly concurrent: Kotlin uses coroutines on top of best-in-class JIT provided by the JVM, that makes it one of the most efficient and concurrent languages nowadays
  • Rich ecosystem: be it PostgreSQL, Kafka or RabbitMQ, the most solid libraries are written for the JVM. And Kotlin is able to make use of all of them

Why this course?

There are many good tutorials and books about Kotlin programming language nowadays. But most of them make the assumption that you’re either and Android developer or at least familiar with Java programming language and its ecosystem.

This course make no such assumptions. If you’re and experienced PHP, Python, Ruby or NodeJS developer, with zero Java knowledge, this course was build with you in mind.

What you need to know:

Some kind of web technology, be it JavaScript, PHP, Ruby or Python. I expect you to be familiar with terms like Request, Response, JSON and HTTP headers at the very least.

Familiarity with Git. I’ll provide you with a link to the relevant branch on GitHub after most of the videos, and I’ll show you commands that I use, but I won’t dive deep into what they do.

Basic SQL and Docker knowledge is useful, but not mandatory.

What this course covers:

  • Basics of Kotlin programming language
  • Dependency management with Gradle
  • Ktor web framework
  • Testing with Kotlin
  • Working with databases using Exposed DSL
  • Running Kotlin inside Docker container and Docker Compose
  • Deploying Kotlin to Heroku
  • Exposing GraphQL API with Kotlin

What this course doesn’t cover:

  • Coroutines
  • Building UI in Kotlin
  • CI tools
  • Security

Each of them is a large topic by itself, and I wanted to keep this course as focused as possible, so you’ll be able to produce a working and well tested application in an hour or two.

Who this course is for:
  • Web developers that want to learn Kotlin
  • Backend developers that are interested in doing TDD with Kotlin

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React Courses Udemy Courses

Fullstack React & GoLang: Design to Reality

What you’ll learn
  • React with Pro Designs and Golang Backend Web Sockets / REST
  • Internet

Using Go Lang as our back end system and Mongo DB for Data strorage we will build a fluent React Hooks and Context front end with Styled Components and React Router. Asynchronous Web-Socket handling is a big focus on the back end with BCrypt user authentication and JWT Generation and Validation.  There is a huge dynamic touch with css flex and grid utilization as well for the front end. This course is Volume one of many to come after. Its is setup to be built / appended / added to.

Who this course is for:
  • React and GoLang Lovers

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Python Projects

Face Recognition System Using Python, OpenCV, and Deep Learning

Download Free Face Recognition System Using Python, OpenCV, and Deep Learning. Get Free Python, machine learning and AI projects with documentation and source code.
In Face Detection and Recognition frameworks, the stream procedure begins by having the option to recognize and recognize frontal countenances from an info gadget for example cell phone. In this day and age, it has been proven that understudies connect better during addresses just when there is successful study hall control. The requirement for significant level understudy commitment is significant. Understudies should be persistently connected with during talks and one of the ways is to perceive and address them by their names. Accordingly, a framework like this will improve homeroom control. Face location and acknowledgment isn’t new in our general public we live in. The limit of the human mind to perceive specific people is astounding. It is stunning how the human psyche can in any case endure in identification of specific people even through the progression of time, regardless of slight changes in appearance.

Download Source Code


Game Control Using OpenCV and Numpy Python

Download Free Source Code of a gaming control using python, OpenCV and Numpy with Complete Tutorial. Use the Python openCV and Numpy libraries to monitor a steering wheel racing game. It offers you the feeling of futuristic driving.
The panel is split in 4 sections, logically. When a certain color (in my case Blue) is observed in certain pieces it is considered a main click. Suppose Blue color has been identified at the top left of the panel, so a “A” key press is begun and the car turns left. The color boundaries were established using, in which we defined Blue color range of HSV values. file using key press and unlock function.
To manage my project I use a MacOS and a Spyder. This application is compatible on every MacOS app. If you are using Windows OS then the file could have been changed.

Download Source Code

Python Projects

Real Time Vehicle Identifier and Speed counter using Python

Download Free Source code and complete tutorial of Real-time Vehicle Identifier and speed counter Using python and OpenCV. Some of the methods used to classify cars is to remember license plate numbers. The identification device for the license plate consists of three key parts: sensing, picture acquisition, and detection. Typically the component detecting the vehicle is focused on proximity or loop coil sensors and sends the signal to the component recording the picture to activate a video camera. After receiving the trigger signal from the sensing part, the image capturing part captures the image of the car using a high speed shutter to reduce blurring in motion. The portion of identification then scans the caught picture and identifies the numbers on the license plate.

Steps to Perform This Program

  • Device Senses Vehicles
  • Locate Plate Number
  • The Character Segment
  • Store Database Character

Download Source Code

Hacking Tools & Courses Udemy Courses

The Complete Wi-Fi Hacking Course Beginner To Advanced

What you’ll learn
  • Gain the advanced knowledge of Wi-Fi hacking from a professional Cyber Security Expert!
  • Be able to break any type of Wi-Fi security (WEP/WPA/WPA2) & take full control of that network .
  • Master up-to-date methods and techniques.
  • Be able to protect your own network from other malicious hackers.
  • Master Wi-Fi hacking methods & become a Wi-Fi security specialist.
  • You should be able to use a PC & Browse Internet.
  • Have a good Wi-Fi connection.
  • A USB Wi-Fi Adapter that Supports Monitor Mode.

This is a real world, highly advanced Wi-Fi hacking course, exactly what you are looking for. This course will teach you to hack Wi-Fi networks’ securitiesroutersbreak all types of encryption and monitor the traffics.

This course is special, because:

  • It is full of up-to-date Information 
  • The tools used in this course are updated 
  • It shows the most effective methods for hacking any Wi-Fi network 
  • Every lecture is clearly explained in details with nice examples 
  • A Facebook group dedicated to special support for better experience 
  • And many more…

We’ll perform all of our attacks on:

•    Linux

•    Windows

By the time you finish this course, you will have the full concept of Wi-Fi networks. You will learn to break any type of Wi-Fi encryption (WEP, WPA/WPA2), gain access to the network and take full control of it. You will understand yourself how to protect your own Local Area Network (LAN) and can take necessary steps if needs.

This course is also beginner friendly. Even if you are just starting your journey to the hacking world, don’t worry. It will be the most amazing experience in the hacking world you’ll have, and I am here to guide you based on my 7 years of real life experience in Cybersecurity. The sections are organized for better understanding this course.

If have any question regarding anything of this course, I will be happy to assist you.

So what are you waiting for? Come join me. See you in the course, and I am sure you are going to enjoy it.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is Interested in Hacking or Wi-Fi Hacking.

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